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Institute Galilei Italian language school in Florence – Students' feedback on Italian school

students' feedback on Italian school Galilei Institute in Florence

What our former students say about their study experience at the Institute Galilei. Read the students’ feedback on Italian schoolon here below:

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Dear Tania

I heard about your school in Istanbul at an Italian language course. I stayed 3 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it. Studying in Florence is a great experience, the school team is very nice and helpful, their assistance is too important during the stay. By the way Florence is a charming city.
You can also go outside with your teacher and have your lesson in a library, or in a restaurant, which helps a lot to develop your conversation.

I want to thank you and your team for the great experience that I had at your school.

– Thank you Tania for all your help to facilitate my life in Firenze. Your guidance was too important to me. Your personality and professional skill were two important factors that impressed me a lot.

– Thank you Rita. Thanks to you now I can make conversation in different matter, and now I am able to read a novel, to watch tv, or to argue. During our school hours our conversation helped me a lot to understand the lifestyle and the mentality of Italian people. I think I made significant progress at the end of my time. 

– And finally Giuliana. I will never forget your beautiful and smiling face. You were always helpful to me. Together with Tania you made my stay in Firenze so special and comfortable. 

FINALLY, I am recommending Istituto Galileo Galilei to everybody who wants to study Italian language. Definitely they know their jobs. 

Ozlenen Sezer

This was my second time at the Instituto Galilei. That I have come back to this school should say it all. Three years ago I combined my Italian lessons with a course in art history. For this, I could not imagine a better place than Florence. Furthermore, the teachers were excellent, and I made solid progress with my Italian. I could not forget these two weeks and my longing for more got the better of me. This time, I decided to combine my Italian with cooking classes, which were also organized by the school. Again, I enjoyed individual language coaching in the mornings. In the afternoons, I ventured into the kitchen of chef Lino who runs a small restaurant near the Duomo. Lino not only initiated me in the finer technical details of Tuscan cooking but also gave me some insight why Italians are so passionate about cooking and, of course, eating. These were some of the best weeks of my life! Highly recommended. 

Walter Graf

Dear Mr. Perugini

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for the great learning experience that I had at your school. I have learnt a tremendous amount. I am now building on this by subscribing to an Italian TV station.
I am making enquiries about a local conversation class, and will be continuing with my grammatical exercises. I am also currently reading a book in Italian that I purchased before leaving. Please thank your able staff again for me.

Kind Regards, 

Lorna Speid,

Dear Professor Perugini,

My wife and I would like to express our appreciation for attending Galileo Galileo. Our stay of two months was so rewarding. Not only were we satisfied with our progress in Italian, but our knowledge of Italian art and culture was greatly enhanced. 

As we left class each day, your personal recommendation of things to see served us well. 

Our weekly school trips to an historic place with a professor of Italian art were always interesting. 

Your teachers were all very impressive and knowledgeable. We have attended other European language schools and rate yours with the best. Our personal regards, to you and your staff. 

Ambassador Chic Hecht


After months of Italian language study in three separate institutions, including Istituto Galileo Galilei, I am most pleased to give your school the strongest possible recommendation. In addition to studying the language for eight months, I now have the benefit of having lived and worked for almost three years in Italy. The preparation I received to speak, understand and work using the Italian language was far superior to either of the other two institutions, both professional language training centers, in which I studied in the United States.

For the purpose of learning Italian for business or pleasure, I most highly recommend Istituto Galileo Galilei for the superb instruction available there, uniquely concentrated on the individual through a student to teacher ratio of one to one. What’s more, the intensive courses, so professionally prepared, are reinforced through a number of learning techniques, including cultural presentations, access to news media, radio, television and personalized instruction only available to someone who pursues the study of Italian in Italy.

Vincent P. Mocini
Captain U.S. Navy 

Dear Angelo e Tania, 

This is a very small way of saying a BIG thank you for making my stay in Firenze so special. Words can not tell you how grateful I am to both of you. 

Three truly rewarding weeks of study at the school were a great experience and I could never imagine my life without having med and worked with Alma. She is certainly a masterful teacher, so knowledgeable about the Italian language, culture and literature. Her love and in-depth understanding of music was a most unexpected surprise. The talk about music via the Italian language was a real adventure. From the start of my work with Alma I knew she was a special lady. Each day she became more so, thank you for this beautiful experience. 

Thank you, Tania for my home in Firenze. It was enjoyable and comfortable and I thank you for taking care of the endless details which made this possible, your warm greeting at the school, your cheerful smile, our conversations, and your gracious manner were so delightful. My thanks for checking on me during my illness. 

Angelo, I do not know how to again to express my thanks to you. You gave such riches to my stay in Firenze and my study at the school. There is no way that I know to truly make you know the depth of my gratitude. Each morning you gave me an energic greeting upon my arrival at school. An enjoyable conversation usually followed. I thank you for my rewarding times with Raffaello. This was such a great time of learning about Italian art and history in Lucca Arezzo and Firenze. My thanks to you also for your continued work on the Firenze – Marywood Project. Hopefully it will fly soon, to be wing and develop into a long term event.

For so much kindness and assistance, I give you my sincere thank. 

All good wishes, 


Hi Rita, 

The first thing that comes to mind is how on earth to convey to you the high regard which I hold for the Istituto Galilei. I suppose the short version would be to say that environments of excellence are only too rare in today’s world, and that environments of excellence offer me great comfort. The school offers both, an environment of excellence itself, which strives to offer adult students an environment in which they may excel, comfortably and at one’s own pace. 

The school is superb. It is intended for adults, and it succeeds in a way which can be expressed only with superlatives.

I have always found learning to be a stimulant, but I found that learning a language when one is in one’s 50’s is a new experience (different). That is one of the strengths of the Istituto Galileo Galilei. I found the teachers and the method of teaching clearly focused towards adults, as opposed to a “student-school structure”. The teachers are, themselves, adults, which I found to be equally important. They are highly skilled professionals, with their experience in teaching, learning, education and working together with adult students in great evidence. They exhibited flexibility in adapting their teaching methods to my learning needs, which they readily and professionally identified. The ability of the teachers to enhance my focus with interests that provoked learning is also not to be overlooked. The school is excellent.

In addition to the study of the language, the support and assistance I received in every facet of living in Florence temporarily is not to be undervalued. Hotel, transportation, culture, and general care. My overall well-being was of obvious and sincere concern, in a very comfortable way. It was constant, but it was not stifling, nor rigid. It was simply human and kind. 

Of course I can only speak for myself, but my experience was exceptional. I achieved a profound comprehension of the language, and ability to communicate in Italian at the Istituto Galilei, that I never dreamed possible in a matter of months. The dedication and commitment of the people at the school was extraordinary (sorry, another superlative). I desperately wished to learn Italian for professional reasons, and they embraced my desire almost insisting that I succeeded. I did.

The people themselves, with whom I spent 8 hours every day, are very, very nice, ethical and warm people. I very much enjoyed my time with them. Moreso, I admire and respect them – all of them, each in their individuality.

I found the professional curriculum excellent. My learning curve was vertical (and still is), and I can only recommend the school with the highest of accolades. I have since returned for brief stays following my several month study in Florence, and I am constantly trying to get back to study more. 

Well Rita, you asked, and as I remain extremely enthusiastic about my experience at the Istituto Galileo Galilei, I am only too happy to share it with you. If I rambled on, please forgive me, but I truly wish to share my highest regards for the school with you. I can only urge you to proceed with your plans and hope that your world will become as enhanced as mine since my sojourn to Florence with the Istituto. I credit them with having given me the Italian language in a sophisticated, mature and delightfully professional manner. It was one of the highlights of my life, and at this stage in my life, that’s not said lightly.

If I can be of any other help to you, please don’t hesitate to ask. I wish you success and much enjoyment. Who knows, perhaps we can meet in Florence one day. 

Kind regards, 

I only had a very limited time budget for an intensive course just before starting an expat appointment in Italy. 

The Academy prepared a really tailor made program for me with two highly professional teachers. 

The one-to-one lessons took into consideration my individual knowledge of other languages and thus made me enter and feel comfortable in the Italian language very quickly. The Academy offers a good learning atmosphere in the heart of the city at a very reasonable price. 

Georg Sattler

I am sending this email because I want to profoundly thank you and the Institute for setting up my very excellent Italian language teaching program. And for finding a teacher of such quality as Sylvia. 

I don’t know how you managed to teach Italian to a thickheaded American but you did. It worked wonderfully, I was able to act as an intermediary, during our family reunions between the two groups. 

Without your school that would’ve been impossible and I am eternally grateful. I will make sure that I remain engaged in speaking Italian or reading it to keep up my language skills.

Thank you again,
a grateful John Mani

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Buongiorno Tania, 

First, I say “Grazie mille” to all of you for your warm welcome, your kindness, your respect as well as your professionalism. I enjoyed a lot the fact that I rapidly could establish very good contacts with all of you. This helped to turn this experience in an exceptional one and, more, gave me the opportunity to forget a bit my reality of the moment in a postive mood. Thanks also to your dog that was very friendly with me.

Now, I come back to your school itself. It was really a good surprise to see that the Art History Course was not “academic” at all and I enjoyed a lot the time I had with Raffaello in Firenze as well as in Pistoia and Venice. It was very dense and extremely interesting: I will need a bit of time to “digest” all the information provided by Raffaello during this days but it gave me the desire to deepen this subject. If I was not so old and this was not such an investment, I maybe would go back to university! As it is not possible, I will continue to document me by myself, visiting also art exhibitions, going to art history conferences or courses and maybe later coming back to you and Raffaello! We will see what the future brings me. 

Concerning the photography course, I was also entirely satisfied and very happy that the contact with Simone was so good. I enjoyed especially our trips to Boboli and Fiesole! I have also an impression of “not enough”. I had a great time during both Wine Tasting Tours: it were nice and interesting tours! In the past,

I had some oenology courses here in Luxemburg: this was the reason why I booked both very expensive trips. 

So far my comments on this nice experience I had with your school. I enjoyed it a lot and after coming back to reality only could say: “wow, it was super, time went too quickly, it was too short and it was not enough!” Grazie infinite! 

Kind regards, 

Dear Tanya, Manuela and Raffaello:

I’m already back in Brazil and unfortunately my last days in Florence were so busy that I didn’t have a chance to go to the School and say good-by in person as had planned to. But it’s never too late to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and to thank you for all your assistance and professionalism.

My course on History of Art thorough the streets, churches and museums of Florence was an experience that I shall never forget.

My special thanks to the bravissimo Raffaello, who lead me through the streets of beautiful Florence not only opening the doors to its history and art but also handling me the keys for me to open some by myself.

I wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon. 

A presto! Ana

I want to thank you for the excellent course in Italian Art History. The instructor was excellent. He is very knowledgeable and presented the ideas in a very engaging way.

I never expected to cover all of the history that we covered and in the depth we covered it. Florence is a fascinating city on many levels and I feel that I have a much greater understanding of the city, its art and its history after the time I spent in the course. I look forward to seeing you again when I am in Florence.

Bob Hall

Dear Manuela and everyone at the Institute,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunities that you have provided for us in Florence.  

We very much enjoyed the art history class with Raffaello. It was both enriching and fun. 

Our apartment was great and also added to our memorable experience.  

Thanks again,  

Lisa Heckler & Anne Hospod

Dear Manuela and Raffaello,

Let me again say how much I enjoyed my classes – I have been giving rave reviews to all my friends and associates. They were exactly what I hoped for – and even better than I expected. If you know of a comparable school in Paris, where I could take some further courses in February, I would be very grateful for a recommendation, as I have been unable to find anything during long hours of research on the Web.

I so enjoyed meeting you, and together rising to the challenge of Raffaello’s questions!

Thank you again, Raffaello, for hours of fascinating lectures that wove together the most interesting facts about the art, politics, people and life in Renaissance times. As much as I was ready to come home after a month away, I wish I could have stayed for more! 

Thank you Manuela, for your patience and efforts on my behalf. Please give my regards to the director. I shall look forward to hearing from you all – I hope!


Dear Daniela,

I just want to thank you and the Instituto Galilei for the wonderful art history course you gave me this summer. I am busy reading The Rise and Fall of the House of Medici, recommended by Raffaello, and I talk about everything I have learned to all my friends.

The two weeks was rich in detail, intense, unforgettable. Long live Florence! If you want to refer anyone to me for a testimonial about the institute, I am happy to do so. 

Sandra Rogers-Hare 

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The History of Florence is a wonderful course to understand the birthplace of the Renaissance and its more ancient roots. It’s someting you can study your whole life, so having a good teacher is the key. Istituto Galilei has done this beautifully in a short course. With my instructor Nicola, I had a very enthusiastic, personable and knowledgeable guide. In a small group where you can ask your own questions and interact, I discovered many rich connections between the places, the people, the artists, and their ideas. So much is hidden to the casual and self-guided tourist. I have been here three times before, but now I look at Florence differently. I feel much more connected to this great story which continues to inspire me in my work and my learning. 

Dan Younan

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Dear Angelo,

Please accept my sincere thanks to for asking Professor Bocciolini to provide a full morning tour for GEN & Mrs Fulford during their stay in Florence. They were overwhelmed at Prof. Bocciolini’s wealth of historic and cultural knowledge and enjoyed his enthusiasm for art in general. 

I would appreciate it if you could kindly deliver the enclosed “thank you” note from me to Prof. Bocciolini. Also, it would be wonderful if you could find the time to come to Rome – it would be my pleasure to offer you a bowl of carbonara , or abbacchino alla romana, if you prefer! 

Again, with many thanks, 

Mark J. Devlin 
Col, USA, Chief

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Thanks for your note. We had a marvelous time in Florence, Tuscany, and Venice, and our classes with Angelo were the centerpiece of the trip. Angelo was an excellent teacher and a charming host. His instruction on the elements of drawing in the Renaissance manner were exactly what we needed both to improve as artists ourselves and to better appreciate the masterpieces we saw during our trip.

Thank you for arranging the class and for your courtesy and professionalism throughout the process. 

All the best, 
Tom Conklin

Dear Manuela and Tatiana, 

David and I are so sad to be leaving Florence. We had a most wonderful stay. 

As I mentioned to Tatiana yesterday, I loved my art work with Roberto. He is a wonderful teacher giving just the right amount of attention and feedback to each student as they need and want it. I feel as though I have learned a great deal from him and wish that I had more time in his studio. Perhaps we will come back for a longer stay some time. 

David and I wish you both all the best.


Dear Manuela, 

Thank you for making the arrangements for Tatiana to stop by the apartment at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. It has been a great place to stay and a wonderful location for me.

I have never enjoyed an art course so much as with Angelo. I have learned many things and he has been a most patient teacher. Studying under his supervision has been a very valuable experience that I will never forget.

You and Tatiana have been so wonderfully helpful, that I cannot thank you enough. I would love to return some time in the future. 

Best wishes for the continued success of the school. 

Kathy Lowthian

Dear Manuela,

Just wanted to write to say thank you so much for all your time and help during our stay in Florence. The course was wonderful. Please thank Roberto again for us. We really did enjoy ourselves. Please could you also thank the headmaster of the school on our behalf. Mr Baldi was very kind in having us to stay in his apartment. 

Please give him our thanks. 

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Good morning, 

We would like to tell you that we are very happy about our stay at la Villa. All the people there where very friendly. We really enjoyed the cooking classes with the chef who is really good and friendly. 

We learned a lot about Italian cooking and we have appreciated a wonderful diner every evening (but now, we are on diet!) We wanted to thank you and to let you know that we will recommend the school and the Villa. 

Thanks to you and to everyone who made our stay so pleasant. 

Stephanie and Frederic Sabalski

Dear Tatiana and Manuela,

Again, thank you very much for arranging our cooking course for us. We really had a good time and learned a lot.

I had a dinner party here at our apartment last night and I cooked a few of the dishes I learned and they were a hit!!! One of my guests was Italian and he said it was perfect — so you could imagine how pleased I was 🙂 

So please, tell the Chefs, we did not just laugh a lot during our one week with them but we actually learned and applied 🙂 Please thank both Antonio and Alessio for me. I go home to Manila on Sunday and together with Annette and Rocky cook for our friends and family. 

That’s all for now, until our next course…. 

Ciao! Best regards,

We would like to congratulate you on your cooking program up at the Villa. We feel fortunate with our decision in many ways, the current weather being one of it, and as we sit outside on the terrace, and that it currently is not a minor point. 

But allow us, to get more substantial in our observations – we were looking for a week of rounded “Italy – Experience”, a week of art history, mediterranean culture, beautiful landscape and cooking. During our stay we found this and plenty more.

Florence, like Rome, Venice or many other places will be able to provide the ingredients for what we were looking for. Italy, without question, is not short of opportunities. Finding a place like the Villa seemed a particularly fortunate decision for our endeavor,

i) it is not an obvious choice for anybody going to Florence, so there is something fresh about it, 
ii) it has the most beautiful view and yet a perfect logistical connection to the city (maybe not something for people with a preference for language and entertainment, but certainly one for comfort)
iii) we felt imbedded in good comfort, distinguished style, familiarity and mediterranean well being and, not really a minot point –
iv) good value. 

Cooking with Diego was great fun – and I hope to find better words, as I explain, what I mean, there is no question that he has great knowledge of Italian cooking, his selection was representative and responsive to our requests about seasonality, locality etc. 
His presentations were mainly and preferably in Italian, which was very welcome as it made us recover the few and simple Italian language vocabulary that rested in some deep forgotten memory.The combination of wanting to learn about cooking and reviving the bits and pieces of what felt like prehistoric knowledge of our Italian was an invigorating experience in itself. 
The gaps, that naturally arose in our linguistic capabilities were charmingly bridged by Diego’s English.

A few thoughts about our view on Instituto Galilei and our stay here. People have told me that Instituto Galilei is comparable to the Goethe Institute in Germany, so I am making assumptions in my following remarks: 

Being in Italy and learning about the country through kitchen and people is an impressing experience and bears a lot of potential. For us, who like to eat well and enjoy the beauty of your country it seems the perfect inroad to get closer to your language, your culture and to your people.

i) Having a cook who prefers to speak Italian but is capable of bridging other languages is a big asset
ii) A booklet, that would support the process with key vocabulary for cooking would be helpful and maybe something you wish to consider

All together, we are very enthusiastic about the course, the location the cook and the idea of getting closer to Italy – possibly next time with a bit more of Italian language teaching.

Best regards 
Gregor and Celina

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