Among Italian language schools for foreigners, the Galilei Institute is unique in its exclusive specializing in one-to-one, personalized, full immersion courses specifically designed for professionals and students. Established in 1985, the Galilei Institute attained the highest prestige among language schools in Italy by providing its services to the leading companies of the world. Please take a moment to review our list of clients.

Location of the school

Istituto Galilei: the school is located downtown Florence, two minutes walking from the Duomo - Map

Location of the school

The school is located downtown Florence, in the area of the University and in the same block as the Gallery of the Academy where the Michelangelo’s David is shown. 

location of the school

The walking distances from school to the main monuments of Florence are the following:

Galleria dell’Accademiasame block
Museo delle Pietre Duresame block
Conservatory (school of performirng arts)same block
Cattedrale (Duomo)3 min
Campanile di Giotto3 min
Battistero3 min
Palazzo Medici-Riccardi5 min
Museo Nazionale (Bargello)10 min
Chiesa di S. Lorenzo10 min
Mercato centrale10 min
Palazzo Vecchio (Comune)15 min
Galleria degli Uffizi15 min
Chiesa di S. Maria Novella15 min
Stazione centrale15 min
Palazzo Strozzi15 min
Chiesa di S. Croce15 min
Ponte Vecchio20 min

Check here the exact Location of the school

The school is located in down-town Florence, at only 5 minutes on foot from the Cathedrale (Duomo).

You can see it’s exact location here

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