Among Italian language schools for foreigners, the Galilei Institute is unique in its exclusive specializing in one-to-one, personalized, full immersion courses specifically designed for professionals and students. Established in 1985, the Galilei Institute attained the highest prestige among language schools in Italy by providing its services to the leading companies of the world. Please take a moment to review our list of clients.

Location of the school


Italian professional translations in Italy. Business meeting interpreters. Language revision service.

italian professional translations, revisions, editing and corrections of texts

Galilei's department of language consulting in Florence

Italian professional translationsDo you need Italian professional translations? The Galilei Institute specializes in highly qualified services in the linguistic field. Established in 1985, we perform with accuracy and in a professional manner, which is the reason for the annual growth of our list of clients representing prestigious international companies.

In particular, the Galilei Institute provides services related to the Italian professional translations, editing, revision, updating and correction of texts written in Italian such as:

  • Instruction booklets for the use of machines and equipment 
  • Advertising, marketing or sales texts
  • Reports and speeches for conventions
  • Cultural and scientific programs for radio and television
  • Dubbing, screenplays and subtitles for films

Likewise, we specialize in:

  • The elaboration of texts for various needs and types of expression (colloquial, scientific, literary, cultural, etc.)
  • The adaptation of texts edited in a style no longer current or translated outside of Italy with an inadequate vocabulary

Our work method

We conduct a linguistic analysis of every piece of work of Italian professional translations submitted to us, and establish the best possible relationship between

word -> sentence -> text -> message

The editors search for the most suitable solutions from a vast range of expressive possibilities and define the style of the writing*.

The text is then submitted to the attention of the revisers, who check it further and refine the punctuation.

The message therefore becomes immediate and precise, is easy to understand and expressed in an impeccable style. 

Correction of proofs

Our revisions office can also take care of correction of the various drafts to ensure a thorough follow-up of the printed work so as to guarantee a perfect final result. 

Our services also include...

  • Italian professional translations
  • Translations from/to Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian
  • Italian language courses for foreign executives and managers

* For more technical idioms pertaining to economics, law, art, trade, electronics, etc., the editors work side 

* For more technical idioms pertaining to economics, law, art, trade, electronics, etc., the editors collaborate with professionals in the chosen field.