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Italian language teaching method with our personalized programs

The Italian language teaching method of  our personalized Italian courses gives fast and efficient results in only a few days of lessons, and has been elaborated and refined during the last 28 years of specializing in one-to-one teaching.

We use a flexible and personalized Italian language teaching method and approach, taking into consideration that mother-tongue, age, interests, study habits and motivation make a difference from person to person in terms of time and ways of learning.


  • Italian language teaching methodEvaluation of the student’s linguistic needs and characteristics. According to the student’s profile decision on whether to favour a more conversational or technical-syntactical approach of teaching; 
  • Individualization of the student’s personal interests in order to assure that the course contents (subjects of conversations, readings, writings, etc.) are of his/her interest, which helps to facilitate the process of learning; 
  • Selection of the most appropriate instruments and their way of utilisation, such as conversational activities, audio-visual material, articles from newspapers or reviews, etc.; 
  • Controlling of the process of learning: small tests, guided conversations, graduated exercises in order to verify the results of the various stages of learning, and to decide on the exact ongoing of the studying program; 
  • Interpretation of the achieved results so that the student is aware on what he/she has learnt.


The individual personalized Italian courses are structured in the above five phases. This Italian language teaching method assures a high quality of teaching and being able to control the process of learning.

Independent of the teaching approach used, the main studies, from a linguistic point of view, are: grammar; syntax; vocabulary; phonetics.

The Practical exercises can include: conversation; technical conversation; translation; dictation; oral and written summary; pronunciation; reading.

Vocabulary, technical conversation and reading are selected according to their relevance to the profession or interests of the student; see also “language specialization & business courses”.

For those who are particularly interested in the spoken language, the school has structured a special program of conversation. In class every day we discuss current topics with the use of idiomatic expressions and role play common situations relevant to the student’s work or interest.

Our highly qualified teachers attend exclusively to the students’ particular linguistic needs, so that they can take full advantage of the lesson hours.

The Italian language teaching method at Istituto Galilei guarantees you to reach the best results in a short period of time. 

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