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Among Italian language schools for foreigners, the Galilei Institute is unique in its exclusive specializing in one-to-one, personalized, full immersion courses specifically designed for professionals and students. Established in 1985, the Galilei Institute attained the highest prestige among language schools in Italy by providing its services to the leading companies of the world. Please take a moment to review our list of clients.

Location of the school

Intensive italian language courses in Florence - Intensive Italian one-to-one courses and small group courses.

in Florence

About our Intensive courses

Our intensive Italian courses in Florence are designed for people of all ages, students and businessmen. The courses take place at our school in Florence downtown, 5 minutes walking from Duomo and 15 minutes from central train station Santa Maria Novella

Each lesson hour lasts 60 minutes. Both group and individual courses are held by experienced mother tongue teachers.

Courses can also take place on weekends and holidays, as well as weekdays

Some idea about our prices

Individual36,00€ / hour
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Small group
(max 4 students)
390 € / 20 hours
1 hour lesson60 minutes
Availabilityall year
including both weekend and holidays
LocationFlorence downtown

Program highlights

The intensive Italian courses in Florence offered by the Galilei Institute are especially designed for those who have only little time to study, and want to make the most out of it:

  • private people of all ages, who study Italian for their personal needs or for passion
  • language students, who need to prepare for their Italian exams
  • business people who need the Italian language for work

In terms of results, 1 month in a regular size group corresponds to 2 weeks a in a small group course or to 1 week in one our Italian one-to-one courses.
In order to know for how long you should plan your study to achieve a certain level of knowledge, click here
The high degree of personalization in our intensive Italian courses in Florence enables our students to efficiently achieve their goals.

Please choose here below the INTENSIVE ITALIAN COURSE that suits better your linguistic needs and the time at your disposal.

One-to-one & small group courses

The Italian one-to-one and small group courses (max. 4 students) enable the students to put the learned grammar structures directly into practise because they assure a high degree of active participation at the lesson.

In fact, the experience showed us that the key factors for quick and in-depth results are a rigorous attention of the teacher to each student, a studying program tailored to the individual linguistic needs as well as a continuous practise of the learned structures under the guidance of an experienced teacher. In order to learn more about the main differences of studying the Italian language in a one-to-one courses, a small group or bigger groups, please consult the page “considerations”

In terms of results, this is the reason why 1 week in one of our Italian one-to-one courses corresponds to approximately 1 month in class with a regular size group of students. A 2-week course of a small group course corresponds to approximately 1 month in a normal size class. In order to know how much time you should plan to achieve a certain level of knowledge, click here

The high degree of personalization in our intensive Italian courses enables our students to efficiently achieve their goals.


Program "italiano insieme"

For those who plan to stay for several months in Florence and so have more time at their disposal for their Italian language studies, we’ve created the “Italiano Insieme” program (group courses with 7-12 students per class).

Flexible schedules & weekend crash courses

All our Italian courses are offered all year round (for one-to-one courses also during Christmas and Easter vacations). On request, the courses can be scheduled also during the weekend and holidays in order to take full advantage of the time at your disposal. For people who have time only during a weekend, we offer the special weekend crash courses.

Characteristics of our intensive italian language courses

  • Rapid and thorough assessment of the student’s needs
  • Course programs tailored to those needs (one-to-one courses)
  • Assurance of a productive instruction environment
  • Flexible schedules (one-to-one courses)
  • Reduction of amount of time required in order to learn/improve in the language
  • Exclusive attention of qualified and specialized teachers
  • Italian for various professional fields and their specific terminology – business courses (one-to-one courses)

1 hour = 60 minutes

At our school each lesson hour lasts 60 minutes. In many other schools the lesson hour lasts 45 or 50 minutes and the prices of their courses, apparently lower, are actually higher of 25% (or 20%) of those written on their brochure.

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