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Intensive italian language courses in Florence - Intensive Italian one-to-one courses and small group courses.

Personalized courses in Florence

Organize your tailor-made course

These individual courses with a personalized program are the best solution for all people who need to improve their Italian knowlege quickly:

  • for business reasons
  • for exam preparation
  • for all those who don’t have a lot of time for the language studies at their disposal (general individual course)

Our course organizer sistem allow you to

You can choose the date of the beginning, the length of the course, the amount of hours per day and the topics in which you would like to be trained: grammar /specific vocabolary/conversation.

The daily lessons can be organized for min 2 – max 8 hours per day.
The lessons of 6 hours per day and more can include the lunch at the restaurant with the teacher.

These courses can start any day requested (Mo – Fr) including weekends, Christmas, Easter and other festivities.

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  • Italian Language course (choosen by you)
  • Grammar Book (for min 20 hours of lessons)
  • Materials
  • Guided walking tour downtown Florence (2 hours)
  • Lodging’s finding assistance
  • Enrollment fee
  • Certificates
  • Lunch with the teacher (for those who choose this option)


Institute Galilei was founded with the aim to provide Italian language courses for the International companies and it is still one of our most important sectors of work.

Our idividual courses for business are choosen by Directors and Employees in order to get the best result in a short time.

Particular situations of your work or of the field in which you need the Italian language can be studied and reproduced in class. You can request to be trained in the vocabulary of your occupation or area of interest.

If you need to raise your language level (i.e. from A2 to B1), we suggest you take a course of at least 4 hours per day.


In our school you can be prepared for the following exams:

  • Swiss maturity exams
  • University exams
  • CILS; PLIDA; CELI exams

For the students who need to be prepared for their exams we build a personalized program that covers all topics they need to study – Italian grammar, Italian literature (for Swiss students), simulation of oral tests for CILS; PLIDA; CELI exams, etc.


The one-to-one course you chose will be tailored to fit your needs. Particular aspects of the language such as grammar, conversation, syntax, etc. can be explored or emphasized according to your wishes. In addition, you can request to be trained in the vocabulary of area of interest.

Our one-to-one courses are divided in ten levels: from the first one, for beginners, to the tenth in which the complete command of the language has been achieved. Our programs are never rigid nor the same for everyone.

We establish a personal plan of study in order to allow you to reach the goals you desire.


Our Italian one-to-one courses are characterized by the individual study programs, which are tailored to the linguistic needs and the profile of each student taking into consideration his/her linguistic background, age, motivation and learning structure.

In this way, it is possible to focus also on particular aspects of the language, such as grammar, conversation, pronunciation etc. and/or to include the vocabulary of the Italian language you use for your work / study.

In the process of learning a language, the fact of being continuously followed by an experienced teacher and practicing the Italian structures actively during this time permits to accelerate a lot the speed of learning. One week of our one-to-one courses corresponds to about a month with a regular size group class. The study program is developing according to the daily results


The lunch with the teacher, included in your course, gives you the opportunity to practice your Italian in an informal, pleasant atmosphere, while tasting the flavors of Italian cuisine.

The lunch can be included in the courses that last min 6 hours per day.
This option is suggested mostly for not beginners.


Many international companies and Universities appreciate our teaching method, which allows you to start speaking Italian from the first lessons. It splits the learning process into 5 phases:

  • Evaluation of your linguistic needs and characteristics.
  • Individualization of your personal interests in order to guarantee that the contents of the course (topics of conversations, readings, writings, etc.) are of interest to you, which helps to facilitate the learning process;
  • Selection of the most appropriate instruments and how to use them during the course, such as conversation activities, newspaper articles or reviews, audiovisual material, etc .;
  • Controlling of the process of learning: through small tests, guided conversations and graduated exercises, in order to verify the results during all phases of learning
  • Interpretation of the achieved results



As soon as you have chosen your course by marking all the fields needed to configure the course according to your needs (the dates, the amount of hours per day, the course type, such as “business“,”exam preparation” , “general individual course” or other) the calculator will show you the price of the course you have just set in. By changing the number of hours and/or the number of days, you can get the course that fits your budget.

At this point, you can press the “buy/pay? now” button and you will be redirected to the payment page.

When you complete your payment by clicking the “buy/pay? now” button you will receive via email the confirmation of the enrollment in the course you have chosen, together with the description of your tailor-made course.
At that point the course is considered booked, however we invite you to contact us via email (info@galilei.it) indicating your personal preferences, which will help us to further customize your study program.


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Our courses can be organized in the morning between 9am and 1pm and in the afternoon between 2pm and 6pm. If you need some different schedules, please inform us by email.

The courses scheduled after 6pm, on holidays and on Saturdays and Sundays have a 10% surcharge on the price.

The Client can customize the course by choosing the course type, such as “business”,”exam preparation” , “general individual course” or other.

The program and the contents of the course will be established basing on the choice of the course type chosen by the Client.

The Client has the possibility to add other specific requests to the course program by sending an email.

For reasons of force majeure (for example in case of flooding, blackout, break of internet service when this is strictly necessary for the course) the course could be moved to different dates.

5.1 Pursuant to Article 52 of Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005, as amended by Italian Legislative Decree 21/2014, the Client may withdraw from the Conditions and therefore from the purchase agreement for any reason, without need for an explanation and without incurring any penalty, within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of start of the course.

Warning! In case that the purchased course starts within 15 days from order, the Customer may decide to cancel the enrollment within 24 hours from the order. After this term, it will be applied our “General cancellation rules”, that state: “For cancellations within the 15 days preceding the beginning of the course, 30% of the course fee will be kept. Once the course has started no reimbursement will be made”.

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  • If the refund is requested beyond the time established in point 5.1
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1 hour = 60 minutes

At our school each lesson hour lasts 60 minutes. In many other schools the lesson hour lasts 45 or 50 minutes and the prices of their courses, apparently lower, are actually higher of 25% (or 20%) of those written on their brochure.