Your accommodation in Florence



Among Italian language schools for foreigners, the Galilei Institute is unique in its exclusive specializing in one-to-one, personalized, full immersion courses specifically designed for professionals and students. Established in 1985, the Galilei Institute attained the highest prestige among language schools in Italy by providing its services to the leading companies of the world. Please take a moment to review our list of clients.

Location of the school

Italian language school finds your accommodation in Florence

your accommodation in florence

The secretary’s office of the Institute can arrange lodging for the students among the following: 


High quality hotels central and near the school with special rates for the students of our Institute.
Single room with breakfast starting from €uro 60 a day
Double room with breakfast starting from €uro 90 a day

FAMILY (with breakfast and dinner)

Living with a Florentine family is the best way to practice your Italian and to find a friendly and sociable atmosphere. Mornings breakfast and dinner are with the family’s members.

Single room starting from €uro 50 a day


Furnished apartments of different sizes with all facilities for a comfortable stay, supplied with linen and towels.

Single room starting from €uro 380 for 2 weeks


Fully furnished apartments, supplied with linen and towels, of different sizes and prices starting from €uro 890 for 2 weeks
Aside our own database where we search for the right accommodation for our clients, we also refer to external agencies so that our customers can choose among a wider variety of possibilities.

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