Institute Galilei - Italian language school offers Italian language courses in Florence as well as Italian culture courses

Customized full immersion programs for professionals, 
students and everybody with little time to study Italian language courses and Italian culture courses, one-to-one and small groups, to make the most out of your time.

Our Italian language school in Florence since 1985 welcomes you on our web site. Institute Galilei is specialized in Italian language courses with personalized programs, created according to the needs of each student, which will allow you to learn or improve your Italian in short periods of time. 


Istituto Galilei is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Our Italian language courses are organized as one-to-one and small group courses (max. 4 participants). They enable the students to put the learned grammar structures directly into practice as they assure a high degree of active participation at the lesson. 

In an individual Italian course the learning process of the language is speeded up by the continuous exercise and the complete attention of the teacher to his student. 

In a small group course the active participation to the classes will be quite high, since you won’t have to share your study time with many people. 

Working with experienced native teachers who take into consideration your mother tongue, your interests and your learning speed together with a friendly environment that makes you completely immersed within the language are the key factors that allows our staff help you to maximize your results even in short periods of time. 

Our school of Italian language was established in 1985 with the aim of providing high quality linguistic services to private people and multi-national companies from all over the world.

Italian language courses for business at Istituto Galilei offer you the opportunity to improve your Italian language skills through a tailored and completely flexible program of individual lessons: specific vocabularies and particular aspects of the language are studied according to your working field or to your interests while the Italian lessons on specific vocabularies of economy, finance, marketing, and law are held by experts of the field.

And if you have only little time to study, then our Italian Weekend Crash Courses are the right solution for you!

If you want to start your study from the comfort of your home or to deepen a specific topic, you may be interested in our Italian language courses online.

The study program of our Italian language courses is established in order to prepare you specifically for your exams (of any level) integrating the lessons with your school’s/university curriculum.

Our Italian language courses for Italian exam preparation include the study of grammar, an elaboration of both the oral and written use of the language together with specific work on Italian literature and conversations to practice the daily topics.

At Istituto Galilei in Florence, for those who need an official certification, we provide also exam preparation courses for CILS Certificate , as well as for PLIDA Certificate.

Our Italian language school offers also Italian exam preparation program online!

The programs of our Italian language courses are established according to the linguistic needs and the personal profile of each person.

Being followed personally by our specialized teachers assures to each student a high participation to the daily lesson and an immediate full exposure to the language.

Should you be a beginner or an advanced user, our staff will prepare for you a personalized program, from survival Italian to language specialization for your occupation or area of interest.

The Institute Galilei is open all year round so our Italian language courses can also be scheduled during the weekend or on festivity days, to let you take full advantage of your stay in Florence.

Istituto Galilei is more than a language school! Coming to Florence is a unique occasion to experience and appreciate the most characteristics aspects of the Italian culture; this is why at our Italian school we also provide culture courses and programs in Italian Cooking, History of Art, Photography, Art courses at the Studio, Italian Literature, Guided Visits and History of Florence.
Such courses have a practical teaching approach, which allows the students to learn and experience some of the most famous aspects of Italian culture first-hand.

The courses of Italian culture, art and cooking are offered as one-to-one and small group courses with 3-4 participants per class. All programs are personalized and give good results also in only a few days of lessons.

The teaching method of personalized Italian language courses at Institute Galilei gives fast and efficient results in only a few days of lessons. It has been elaborated and refined during the last 35 years of specializing in one-to-one and small groups (max 4 participants) teaching.

We use a flexible and personalized teaching approach, taking into consideration that mother-tongue, age, interests, study habits and motivation make a difference from person to person in terms of time and ways of learning. From the first lessons you will put in practice your knowleges of the language!

Italian language courses in Florence

Our Italian language school in Florence offers a familiar, friendly and welcoming atmosphere enhanced by professional staff and experienced teachers, to make the best from your study in Florence.

Besides Italian language courses, our school provides many cultural courses and activities for those who wish to deepen and live some of the most characteristic aspects of the Italian culture. Come and enjoy an Italian experience with us!

Staff Istituto Galilei

Why Florence

  • This is the city where the Italian language was born!
  • In Florence the language is pure (without a strong dialect’s flection)
  • The city is Unesco world heritage site, you will be surrounded by a magic Renaissance atmosphere..
  • Everything is located at a walking distance here!
  • Florence is situated in the center of Italy so it is really easy to participate in one-day excursions to Rome (sud) or to Venice (north)
  • Florence is the heart of Tuscany –an Italian region famous for its beauty

Why Istituto Galilei

  • We are one of the few language schools recognized by Ministry of Education
  • Our school is located downtown Florence at 3 min walking from the Dome
  • We have 35 years of experience in personalized teaching
  • Our programs are always “tailor-made”
  • One hour of our lesson lasts 60 minutes
  • You start to speak Italian directly from the first lessons!
  • Our teaching method guarantees the best results also in short time

Metti alla prova il tuo italiano

Do you want to learn Italian in 2 weeks? Or to increase your level of knowledge of the language (for example from A2 to B1)?

Our know-how, proven by the experience of 36 years, offers this possibility. Our highly personalized study method allows us to guarantee the result to all our students, regardless of their age or mother tongue.

You can also choose how to customize every aspect of your experience in Italy: depending on the time at your disposal, your interests and your requests, we will create a tailor-made study program exclusively for you.

We have many solutions for those who would like to combine their Italian study with some Italian culture lessons. Contact us, we are waiting for you!