Italian one-to-one courses at the Galilei Institute in Florence – Individual study programs tailored on the student’s needs


Since 1985 the Institute Galilei in Florence has been specializing in Italian one-to-one courses to meet the needs of all those who wish to make most of their time and/or need to study specific aspects of the language for their work/studies – business people, students and private persons of all ages.

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Our Italian one-to-one courses are characterized by the individual study programs, which are tailored to the linguistic needs and the profile of each student taking into consideration his/her linguistic background, age, motivation and learning structure.
In this way, it is possible to focus also on particular aspects of the language, such as grammar, conversation, pronunciation etc. and/or to include the vocabulary of the Italian language you use for your work / study. In order to know more, read the page on “language specialization & business courses”.

In the process of learning a language, the fact of being continuously followed by an experienced teacher and practicing the Italian structures actively during this time permits to accelerate a lot the speed of learning. One week of our one-to-one courses corresponds to about a month with a regular size group class. The study program is developing according to the daily results

All our teachers are specialized in one-to-one teaching and know how to tailor the programs to the single student. In order to know more about the teaching method and structure of the one-to-one lessons, please click here >>>

Non-beginners are asked before the beginning of the course to complete our Italian language test and send it to us so that we can ascertain their specific knowledge. The Italian test serves as an aid to structure the student's course, and to choose from our team of Italian language teachers, those with the expertise best suited for each student's needs.

Our one-to-one Italian language courses may start and finish on any day requested. On request, the courses can continue also during the weekend and on holidays in order to take full advantage of your stay in Florence. For whom has time only on a weekend, we offer special weekend crash courses.


Following, you can find an overview on our one-to-one programs. Still, they give a big flexibility in terms of the schedule, which can be adapted to your needs.

Cours type Hours / day
One-to-one course "A" 4 hours / day
9am - 1pm
One-to-one course "B" 6 hours / day
9am - 1pm
2pm - 4pm
One-to-one course "C" 6 hours / day
incl. lunch at the restaurant
9am - 1pm
1pm - 3pm
One-to-one course "D" 8 hours / day
9am - 1pm
2pm - 6pm
One-to-one course "E" 8 hours / day
incl. lunch at the restaurant
9am - 1pm
1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm
One-to-one course "F" 5 hours / day
incl. dinner at the restaurant
5pm - 8pm
8pm - 10pm

Italian course “A”
4 hours of Italian language per day, from 9am to 1pm. This course is basic and advisable for those who wish to have free time in the afternoon for visiting Florence and the Tuscany or for other activities.

Italian courses “B” and “D”
Course “B” is of 6 hours per day, course “D” of 8 hours per day. The lessons in the morning (9am – 1pm) emphasize on grammar and language structure, while the hours in the afternoon concentrate on the practical use of the language.
These courses are acknowledged as Bildungsurlaub.

Italian courses “C” and “E”
6 respectively 8 hours of Italian per day, including lunch with the teacher at the restaurant*. The lessons continue without interruption with two different teachers and allow the student undiluted exposure to the Italian language inside and out of the school. These courses are indicated especially to whom already knows some Italian.

Italian course “F”
evening course of 5 hours Italian a day, including dinner with the teacher at the restaurant*. Course “F” has been structured for those who wish to take advantage of the day time hours for business or sightseeing.



If you are interested in Italian language, visit our blog at the section Italian language & Italian slang. Did you ever ask yourself why Italians say
  1. In bocca al lupo!
  2. solo quattro gatti
At our school each lesson hour lasts 60 minutes. In many other schools the lesson hour lasts 45 or 50 minutes and the prices of their courses, apparently lower, are actually higher of 25% (or 20%) of those written on their brochure.

* The restaurants (Dino, I 4 Amici, Paoli, Taverna del Bronzino, Tavernetta della Signoria) are amongst the best in Florence. During the month of August some of these restaurants are closed for vacation


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