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Italian language school in Florence Istituto Galilei welcomes you on our web site.
Take all advantages from our individual and small groups Italian language and culture courses with personalized programs and special 2016 offers.

Our school of Italian language in Florence is specialized in Italian language courses with personalized programs created according to the needs of each student, which allow to learn or improve Italian in short times.
Furthermore, the School offers cultural courses for those who wish to deepen and live some of the most characteristic aspects of the Italian culture.
Among the many schools here, we differentiate ourselves thanks to the following features:


one-to-one italian intensive courses florence
The programs of our Italian one-to-one courses are established according to the linguistic needs and the personal profile of each student.
Particular aspects of the language - such as conversation, grammar and syntax - can be explored and emphasized according to your requests.
The program of the small group courses is adapted to all the 3-4 participants' wishes.
individual italian language courses italy
In a one-to-one course the learning process of the Italian language is speeded up by the continuous exercise and the complete attention of the teacher to his student; in a small group course the active participation to the classes will be quite high, since you won't have to share your study time with many people.
italian intensive courses florence
Our small group courses in Florence of Italian language are intensive classes with max. 4 students per group.
Thanks to the fact that in a small group course the students share their time with only 2 or 3 others, their active participation at the lesson is quite high.
italian for busines
Specific vocabularies and particular aspects of the language are studied according to your working field or to your interests.
The Italian lessons on specific terminologies of economy, finance, marketing, and law are held by specialists of the sector.
italian exam preparation courses
The study program is defined in order to prepare you specifically for your exams (of any level) integrating the lessons with your school's / university curriculum.
Study and elaboration of the grammar, the oral and written use of the language, analysis and interpretation of Italian literature.
italian full immersion courses
Full immersion Italian language courses from Friday to Sunday, especially created for those who only have a few days at their disposal.
italian individual courses flexible schedule
The Institute Galilei is open all year round.
On request, our Italian language courses can also be scheduled during the weekend or on festivity days, so as to let you take full advantage of your stay in Florence.
For those who are working/studying in Florence we can organize courses for 2-3 times per week.


italian cooking courses in florence
The intensive Italian cooking courses are held by experienced chefs directly in the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in Florence.
Our cooking courses have personalized programs, suitable both for amateurs and professional cooks (foreigners) who wish to specialize in Italian, Tuscan and Florentine cuisine.
painting and drawing courses
These courses can approach many different techniques of drawing and painting, and are taught by experienced artists directly in their personal art studio.
The courses can be held in English and Italian.
art history courses florence
Art history directly where the masterpieces of the Florentine artist are located.
The Renaissance Maestros studied in their lifestyle and philosophy.
The courses can be held in English, Italian, French and Spanish.
history of florence courses
Florence, the hometown of the Medici, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli, is studied in her storic, urban and social aspects.
Leading you through the most famous and unusual places, the teacher will show you the town and will tell you about the citizens with their funny anecdotes.
italian literature courses florence italy
Let our teachers guide you in an amazing journey through the masterpieces of Italian Literature.
Divided in historical periods, our Italian literature courses can be personalized according to your needs and necessities, and integrated with theme-based visits and excursions to experience a unique stroll through Italian history and culture.
These courses are suitable also for students' who need to prepare for their Italian exams.
guided tours florence italy
Discover the most beautiful places in Florence with a professional guide.
The itineraries are decided according to your knowledge of the town:
Is this your first time in the Renaissance town or you wish to discover its hidden places?
All tours are on an individual basis or in small groups with up to 4 participants.
photography courses florence
Our photography courses are suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts, willing to learn and improve their knowledge of the camera and of photographic production.
The course takes place mainly outdoors and can be combined with an historical or artistic course, so to catch and experience all the best Florence has to offer.
excursions italy tuscany
Tailor-made itineraries through some of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany and Italy.
Individual tours for those who wish to have a personal guide at their full disposal.
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